Friday, September 18, 2015

September 2015 Minutes

We didn’t have Kaisen and his entourage of bikini girls, but we still had a great time at the September B.A.S.H. meeting, held at Nick Nicoll’s pool. El Presidente Sabrina Krueger declared “We’ve actually got a f*@kin’ agenda!” and called the meeting to order. We welcomed new member Micah Cole of Flint Hills and received Carroll Pate’s standard glowing treasurer’s report. Sabrina reminded everyone that Surftoberfest will be Saturday, October 3rd at Executive Surf Club. The homebrew competition has been approved – get your entries (at least two 12-ounce bottles) to Cory Mathews at Lazy Beach Brewing. Texas Beer Camp will also be held on October 3rd in Plano. Cost is $40 per person. A new homebrew shop has opened in Katy. Club members allegedly receive a 5% discount at the online shop by entering the code “Olivia”. The 2015 meeting schedule is now complete (see below).

We wolfed down Nick’s ribs, cooled off in the pool and enjoyed new homebrews by Bob Davis/Carroll (Tom’s Hairy Porter) and Wild Bill Lehfeld (“Dragon Beer Z” dragonfruit IPA and “Slick Willie” dragonfruit wheat). A decent variety of commercial beers included Micah’s Magic Hat #9/Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, Andrew Herzig/Sabrina’s Saint Arnold Icon Brown Porter/Breckenridge Ophelia Hoppy Wheat, Paul Kalaghan’s Firestone Walker Pivo Pils and Nick’s Sierra Nevada Torpedo.

Upcoming B.A.S.H. events:

  • 11-Oct-15: B.A.S.H. meeting (Andrew Herzig/Sabrina Krueger, sour ale competition, BJCP 17A - F) 
  • 7-Nov-15: Iron Mash XII (B&J’s Pizza on Staples at Timbergate, multiple brewing demonstrations) 
  • 8-Nov-15: B.A.S.H. meeting (Mark Woerner, Belgian strong ale competition, BJCP 18A – E) 
  • 13-Dec-15: B.A.S.H. meeting (Carroll Pate, demonstration brew) 
  • 10-Jan-16: B.A.S.H. meeting (Tom Freund, Iron Mash XII judging) 
  • 14-Feb-16: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, mead competition, BJCP 24 – 26) 

Thanks again Nick, keep on brewin’ and we’ll see you next month at Andrew and Sabrina’s!