Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Kyle Hotz is hosting the B.A.S.H. 2013 celebration of National Mead Day at his home at 1609 Sprucewood Drive on the southside of Corpus Christi on Saturday, August 3rd, beginning at high noon. Here’s a map:

Directions from SH 358 (SPID):
Exit Airline Road
Eastbound feeder road (toward island)
Right on Candlewood (just before Best Western Paradise Inn)
First left onto Hanley Drive
First right onto Sprucewood
Look for 1609 Sprucewood on right

Observe the brewing of mead, either made from straight honey or mixed with various fruits, juices or spices. If you plan to brew, bring your own equipment and ingredients. If not, this will be a great opportunity to learn about the brewing process. Members of the general public are invited. No food will be served. Please bring a chair and beverages of your choice.

Upcoming B.A.S.H. events:
  • 11-Aug-13: B.A.S.H. meeting (Nick Nicoll, European amber lager competition)
  • 8-Sep-13: B.A.S.H. meeting (Danna Sharpe, demonstration brew)
  • 19-Sep-13: KEDT-TV Classic Brew
  • 13-Oct-13: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, competition TBD)

Friday, July 19, 2013

July Minutes

I call it “The Travis Effect”. The farther Travis Clapp is from a position of power in B.A.S.H., the more our membership increases. When Travis’ one year reign of terror as club president ended last summer, we enjoyed a surge in new members. For this years’ July meeting, Travis was hundreds of miles north attending a wedding in Dallas. The result was predictable – seven new people joined in one day. Any two-bit statistician will tell you that two data points indicate a solid trend. Paul Holder is now recommending to NASA that Travis be included as cargo on the next Martian rover mission.

Paul sponsored the July meeting held at B&Js Pizza on Staples at Timbergate. Incoming president Adam Klager welcomed new members Kenny Erben, Joe/Karen Haug, John/Karen Cicala, Sabrina Krueger, Bob/Sue Davis, Steve Smith and Kaisen Twitty, as well as guests Debra (Steve Smith’s friend) and Marilee (friend of Chris and Sue Swanson). Treasurer-For-Life Carroll Pate reported a good start to the new fiscal year – we had a healthy carryover balance from last year bolstered by the new members as well as existing members paying their annual dues. If you haven’t renewed membership for 2013 – 2014, annual dues are $20 (including your spouse or significant other).

The annual KEDT-TV Classic Brew fundraiser will be held on Thursday, September 19th this year. Kyle Hotz is taking names of B.A.S.H. members who would like to volunteer as tappers for this event. As an incentive, tappers get in for half price. Those providing a keg of homebrew for the B.A.S.H. booth get in free. Paul is taking names for those supplying kegs. Our theme this year is “Let there be light”.

Kyle is also seeking suggested beer styles for our October and November club competitions. We typically use the same styles as the AHA club-only competitions, but the AHA has discontinued this program for the 2013 – 2014 fiscal year. It’s a little too late for lagers, meads, barleywines, etc. so pleases limit your suggestions to “normal” ales.

Paul is taking orders for B.A.S.H. t-shirts and polos. See Paul with a $5 deposit if you’re interested. Adam reminded everyone that the Dixie Cup regional beer competition will be held in October in Houston. He encourages members to submit competition beers and to volunteer as judges at the event. Mike Wojdyla volunteered to drop-off competition beers at De Falco’s in Houston. Jack Heim announced his imminent move to New Orleans and donated his brewing equipment to the club. Carroll wheeled and dealed out of the back of Jack’s truck, raising additional donations for the club treasury.

As we wolfed down B&Js pizza supplied by Paul, we tasted several new homebrews including Ruben Cantu’s amber ale and pale ale, Paul’s raspberry Flemish brown, Wild Bill Lehfeld’s Oktoberfest, Cory Mathews/Drew Burkhardt/Wayne Oakes’ Belgian blonde, Claudio Montiel’s summer honey ale, PJ Ponce’s hazelnut brown nectar and Kevin Ramler’s American IPA. Rick Kelly provided Gaedingar Pale Ale, Thule Lager, Myr Kvi Porter #13, Norday Baldi and Stinning’s Baldi commercial beers from Iceland. Several members also enjoyed pints of B&Js beers on tap, including the delicious Maris Otter Saison ale.

Upcoming B.A.S.H. events:
3-Aug-13: Mead Day (Kyle Hotz, high noon, brewing demonstration open to public)
11-Aug-13: B.A.S.H. meeting (Nick Nicoll, European amber lager competition)
8-Sep-13: B.A.S.H. meeting (Danna Sharpe, demonstration brew)
19-Sep-13: KEDT-TV Classic Brew
13-Oct-13: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, competition TBD)

Thanks again Paul, B&Js and Jack, keep on brewin’ and we’ll see you next month at Kyle’s and Nick’s (as always, with your own glass)!
P.S. – Please join us Thursday, July 18th at 6:00 p.m. at B&Js on Staples at Timbergate for Paul Holder’s 3000th beer party. Paul has been drinking beer at B&Js since the 1980s. For his 3000th different beer, Kyle has produced a cask of Bavarian Hefeweizen.