Monday, March 25, 2013

March 2013 Minutes

Quickly thinking Kevin Ramler uses his beard to stop a boil over.

Greg and Amanda Tegarden hosted the March B.A.S.H. meeting at their home in Corpus Christi. Vice President Erik Hinz called the meeting to order by welcoming back prodigal members Buster and Marilyn Terry and Terry and Monika Caldwell and new members P J Ponce/Maggie Medrano. Treasurer-for-Life Carroll Pate made his usual astounding remarks. The balance of the merfcifully short business consisted of a rehash of the woeful state of our website, and Erik's promise to fix it.

As Kevin Remler conducted a demonstration brew, we dug into the pulled pork, green chili stew, corned beef, etc. with barbaric ferocity. The ensuing bacchanal was lubricated with new homebrews galore - Drew Burkhardt/Cory Mathews/Wayne Oakes' brown ale and apple cieder, Ruben Cantu's Irish Red and pale ales, Wild Bill Lehfeld's "Fifty Shades of Amber" Vienna lager, Lou Needlemen's golden ale, Mark Quade's Belgian dubbel, Kevin's IPA and rye ale, Cannibal Chris Scholfield's pilsner, Jared Sperling's gluten-free honey lager and apple pie mead, Chris Swanson's Vienna lager, host Gregory's "Firefly" IPA and Buster's spiced porter and brown ale.​

Commercial beers in evidence included Hector Cavasos' Deschutes Hop in the Dark CDA, Travis Clapp's B&J's CH-47 Chinook-hopped pale ale, Tom Fruend's Alaskan Amber and Lou's Real Ale Devil's Backbone.

Speaking of Travis, his delusions of grandeur continue unabated. No longer content to be President of B.A.S.H. or dictator of a South American country, he's now set his sights on the Papacy itself. Minor impediments to his campaign include his non-Catholicism and the whole celibacy issue. On the plus side of the ledger is the Miracle of the Immaculate Toilet and his endorsement by the influential bearded cleric, Kyle Cardinal Hotz. Forget about white smoke or black smoke, if you detect a puff of barley-scented steam rising above the conclave of Cardinals, you'll know that Travis I is the first brewin' Pope!

Upcoming B.A.S.H. Events:​

  • April 13: B.A.S.H. Meeting (Mark Woerner, extract beer competition)
  • May 13: Big Brew (need host and brewing teams, brewing demonstration open to the public)
  • May 13: B.A.S.H.meeting (moved to 3rd Sunday, John and Nikki Daniels, brewing demonstration)
  • June 13: B.A.S.H.meeting (need host, competition TBD)
  • July 13: B.A.S.H.Meeting (B&J's on Staples at Timbergate, hosted by Paul Holder
  • Aug 13: Mead Day (need host, brewing demonstration open to public)
  • Aug 13: B.A.S.H. meeting (need host, European amber lager competition)​

Thanks again Greg and Amanda, good luck Travis, keep on brewin' and we'll see you next month at Mark Woerner's (as always, with your own glass)!